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Customized, Advertising and Promotional

Have you thought about sweetening the promotion of your business?

When presenting and giving your advertising candies there are endless possibilities. If your goal is to be able to place them in a strategic place of your company or event so that people can take a candy, after the management or purchase, we offer a wide variety of dispensers and candy boxes of different sizes and shapes that you can customize so that the result is completely original. But perhaps the main objective you have when buying a box of candies is to distribute them, either at an event, a fair, as a welcome gift, etc. And, a candy is always taken by the public, so it will be easier for you, for example, to attract more people to your stand.

Choose any of our options designed to attract the senses for its design, quality or functions: with personalized candies of different flavors and formats or with lollipops. If you prefer advertising candies to be the center of attention, we also offer a wide variety of jars, jars and candy dispensing boxes that you can customize with the shape that best represents your company or event. We even have custom candy boxes shaped like a sushi tray!

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