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Box with sanitary christmas ball

Box with sanitary christmas ball

Ref. 936


Plastic Christmas ball filled with sanitary products, closed with a ribbon and cardboard and presented in a box.


  • Comfortable full color mask of 25 washes. It complies with the UNE 0065 standard.

  • 30 ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel.


  • Plastic ball: Ø60 × 110 mm.

  • Mask: 140 × 150 mm.

  • Disinfectant spray: Ø23 × 88 mm approx.


  • Possibility of customizing the mask in its entirety from 1 to 4 colors and embroidering the mask.

  • Possibility of choosing another type of mask: sports mask (41 washes), 3-layer antibacterial mask with silver ions (50 washes) or cotton mask (110 washes).

  • Possibility of choosing another disinfectant: 30 ml bottle of hydroalcoholic gel with portagel, 20 ml pocket spray gel or 20 ml pocket disinfectant spray.


Minimum order: 100 units.

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