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Desktop cleaner

Desktop cleaner

Ref. 853


UV-C sterilizer that turns any workspace into a safe environment, especially shared ones. It has a disinfection system with ultraviolet light that offers an effective inactivation and elimination of all kinds of bacteria and germs. 


  • UV disinfection light: Kill 99% of bacteria in 10 minutes, keep your work environment safe and clean.

  • Reduce Neck Strain: Raise the monitor / laptop 13.5cm high, naturally straighten your back posture and relieve neck pain.

  • USB charging: Built-in USB port capable of charging your USB devices like mobile phone, iPad, Kindle, etc.

  • Space saving and organization: With a carefully designed large divider drawer with ample storage space, making it easy to organize your desk

  • Load capacity: 10kg

  • Monitor compatibility: from 17 "to 30"

  • Useful accessories, so you can organize your pens and other items.

  • Various color options, decorate your desktop.




  • Minimum order: 1 unit

  • Delivery time: Consult

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