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Ozone generator

Ozone generator

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Ozone generator, (ozonator) capable of producing ozone - a triatomic molecule containing three oxygen atoms - artificially, by generating a high electrical voltage (called the "corona effect") that produces ozone, and, collaterally, ions negatives. The ozone generation has application in the elimination of bad smells and disinfection of the air.

Ozone: unlike scented deodorants, it oxygenates odor-causing microorganisms or pollutants and removes them permanently.

Eliminates the smell of cigarette smoke in the room, clothing or furniture.
Reduces and eliminates toxic gases emitted from furniture, clothing and paints.
Neutralizes and eliminates microorganisms in the bathroom or kitchen.
It breaks down the presence of dust mites, pet dander and roaches by killing the bacteria they attract.
It prevents mold growth and keeps the environment free of bacteria.
At the back of the ozonator there is an outlet, this can be used either to apply ozone in the water with the help of a diffuser stone, either to release it into the environment or to inject ozone into the extraction duct. In this case it is always recommended to inject the ozone into the duct after the extractor, trying to have 8 meters of duct in which the ozone can mix with the stale air. 

Operating mode: 

  • Mode 1, Ozone Release in one room: Releases ozone in the cabin air directly through the rear exit. For very large rooms and for not so big rooms where we want a fast elimination of odors.

  • Mode 2, release of Ozone by means of diffuser stone in water: We will connect the diffuser stone to the rear outlet and then we will introduce it into the water tank that we want to purify where it will release ozone. It works very well to eliminate odors and purify water in hydroponic tanks, if they are outside the plant room. It will also prevent the appearance of fungi and bacteria in said water.

  • Mode 3, Ozone release through silicone tube in extraction duct: We will connect one of the silicone tubes supplied with the ozonator and connect it to the outlet on its back. This tube we will connect in turn to an extraction duct of your indoor culture. It must be placed after the extractor and must have a distance between the extractor and the street of between 5 and 8 meters so that it can act optimally and give you time to eliminate the odor. 


  • Silent generator

  • Input voltage: + - 10% AC 220V

  • Consumption: 70W

  • Ozone production: 10 g / hour

  • Adjustable ozone: 20-100%

  • European manufacturing.

  • Effective distribution of ozone through a fan.

  • Night-time timer mode (programming for
    automatic on / off when the shop is closed).

  • Weight: 5.6kg.

  • Certificate of the process and ozone treatment.


  • Cornwall Electronics 130W 7g / h Ozone Generator Air / Water Ozone Generator (OZ2)

  • 2x silicone tubes

  • 2x diffuser stones

  • Instructions for use




  • Minimum order: 1 unit

  • Delivery time: Consult

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