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Box sanitary kit 12

Box sanitary kit 12

Ref. 869


All reusable masks have a maximum duration of 8 hours, which means that they have to be washed daily. However, if we combine it with the softener "SABANE ONE with NOB166 H-Ion technology" we will be able to create a protective barrier against viruses for 7 days in the mask , which will allow us that with a single wash a week we will be protected throughout one year.

How to use: Machine wash using 7g / kg of clothes or by hand with 2g of fabric softener.

Certification: A study is available that certifies that the softener SABANE ONE on the mask fabric causes a 99.9% reduction in the analyzed microbial population after 24 hours and 7 days of contact. Study carried out according to the AATCC TM100-2019 standard.


  • 1 bottle of 100ml of fabric softener SABANE ONE with textile protection for 7 days (Duration per wash). Patented product.

  • 1 antibacterial mask with 3-layer silver ions. 50 wash cycles. Possibility to choose between adjustable or non-adjustable.


Box: 150x105x50 mm


Possibility of personalization from 1 to 4 colors: Box (from 50 units), mask (from 100 units)


  • Minimum order: 50 units.

  • Delivery time: Consult.

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