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Stabilized chlorinated disinfectant (ACTIVIA LEJÍA)

Stabilized chlorinated disinfectant (ACTIVIA LEJÍA)

Ref. 835


Stabilized chlorinated disinfectant. Multipurpose product for all types of surfaces. 


  • Virucidal activity.

  • Recommended for interior floors, exterior surfaces.

  • Active against: Bacteria, fungi and viruses.

  • Activities: Food and beverage processing, nursing homes, sports centers, shopping malls, stores - shops, restaurants, cafes, catering, hotels and offices.

  • Surfaces: Interior floors, exterior surfaces, street disinfection.

Application methods: 

  • Add the recommended dose to the scrub bucket.

  • Scrub the floor normally.

  • Let it air dry.

  • Spraying: 100 ml x liter.


  • NOT suitable for the disinfection of drinking water.

  • Disinfectant and algaecide not intended for direct application to people or animals.

Formats: 1l, 5l or 20l.


Minimum order: consult. 

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