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Textile protective softener for 7 days (SABANE ONE)

Textile protective softener for 7 days (SABANE ONE)

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The Spanish ´armor´ that protects any textile from the coronavirus for seven days. NOB166® antimicrobial creates a protective ´nano-layer´ on hospital masks, gowns or mattresses.

Total disinfection is the goal… but lasting. It is of little use that, when you remove a garment from the washing machine, it becomes contaminated with the environment and, in the worst case, with the happy virus.

The Castellón company Ablaze177 had patented a powerful antimicrobial that extended the protection of tissues. He tested its effect with the coronavirus and, voilà, his product manages to generate a protective armor for a minimum of seven days in hospital masks, gowns or mattresses with just one wash or application.

NOB166® was born long before this pandemic, when its creators detected that there was no product that would maintain a lasting disinfection in textiles. "Any disinfectant, such as chlorine or oxygen, uses the traction of the washing machine to kill the virus or bacteria at that time," explains the general manager, Noelia Beltrán. "In most cases, it is enough with the contact with the air of the treated material so that it loses asepsis". This, in turn, contributes to cross-contamination, since "in the tissues, the microorganisms remain active for between six and 12 hours."

"Washing does not ensure anything," Beltrán tells INNOVADORES. "You have to wash and protect. " With that almost prophetic mantra in mind, Ablaze177 got down to work in 2018. From its R&D, NOB166® was born , with an international patent , which generates a ´shield´ of (at least) seven days in any textile and that , since March 2019, it can already be found in large areas of the country.

Thanks to nanotechnology, the company has encapsulated microparticles with silver ions, which are released in a controlled way over a week after a single application. "When light hits the tissue or moisture is created, silver ions are released in a controlled way and act against viruses or bacteria," says Beltrán.

Silver is an antimicrobial "efficient, natural and broad-spectrum multi-drug recognized as safe for human contact and the environment," they say from the Castellón company. This means that it attacks the virus, bacteria, or fungus on multiple fronts: the enzymes, the membrane, the cell wall, and the nucleus.

Are these protective properties of NOB166 maintained against the coronavirus ? So is. The results of the test of the product, carried out by an independent laboratory, for the evaluation of the viricidal activity (according to standard EN14476) against the coronavirus, have been "conclusive".

The report, dated March 4, 2020, reads: "Product NOB166® PRO has shown a log reduction of 5.13 when tested under the conditions specified in this report against coronavirus."

What does it mean? "This means that it far exceeds the requirements of the standard for testing of sanitary biocidal products, which places the limit at a logarithmic reduction of 4", says Beltrán. "We can ensure that the product inhibits the replication of the virus ."

“The encapsulated active principle is released in a slow and controlled manner on the tissues, forming a protective layer on them for at least seven days. This barrier destroys the virus protein and does not allow it to remain anchored in the tissue ”, explains the general director of the company.

The compound can be used on any type of synthetic or natural fiber. To facilitate its application, the company has launched different formats. Detergent and softener for washing machines; or direct application spray for those textiles that cannot be machine washed. This is how they can cover the entire range of tissues that need protection against the coronavirus, both inside and outside the hospital environment.

NOB166® is effective through its direct application on fabrics during the cold wash, in the last rinse. Although it also works hot, a high temperature wash is not necessary to sterilize the fabric. Its formulation ensures a uniform distribution of the active substance over the entire surface and, therefore, a homogeneous protection. 

Sectors involved: 

  • Residences for the 3rd age.

  • Clinical and hospital centers,

  • Penitentiary centers.

  • Research centers.

  • Laboratories

  • Laundries.

  • Dry cleaners

  • Etc.


100 ml, 5l and 20l containers.


Minimum order: consult.

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