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C&CH was the first company that distributed the promotional sweet as a promotional marketing in Spain. In 1987, the only cheap promotional item that used to exist was the matchboxes, which was a promotional product for a very specific target. Otherwise, the promotional candies have a much larger target with a very economic price. This year C&CH was born with the innovative idea that a sweet can be a great promotional product for different reasons:

Over the years, C&CH has transformed into Más que un caramelo, becoming the first european company in alimentary promotional marketing.

We are a company 100% creative and problem-solving, giving solutions to our client’s needs thanks to our commercial and product development department. A huge variety of products can be reached by our clients for their marketing actions.

Our true potential lies in our 360º essence: we take care of everything thanks to our R+D+I, design, packaging, manipulation, printing, mailing and shipping departments! We have a wide experience as producers of candies, chocolates and bakery craftsman, which allows us to offer the maximum quality to our clients with the most innovative and creative products.