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What better than to promote an anniversary or a special date with personalized sweets?

Whenever years are reached and decades are added, it must be celebrated in style, stopping to enjoy the successes along the way. Reaching goals and milestones would not help if you can´t share it with others, that´s why we like to celebrate and share our joy and excitement. When planning this type of celebration much attention is paid to details and originality is sought, first and foremost. We want our anniversary to be unique and we like to celebrate it with personalized items that represent us and on such a special date, such as our chocolates and chocolates personalized for anniversaries.

In Más que un Caramelo C&CH we want to help you make your commemoration or your anniversary the most original and we have all kinds of products and ideas to give on that important date you want to promote. We will help you find the design of chocolates for personalized anniversaries that best suits the idea you have in mind and if none of the ones we have fits you, do not worry! We will create one especially for you.

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