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Customized, Advertising and Promotional

How can you take advantage of Halloween to promote your business in a terrifyingly sweet way?

Although Halloween has traditionally been one of the best-known festivities in the United States, it has already become very common to see how every October 31 the windows are filled with terrifying decorations and orange pumpkins. Everyone loves Halloween and, above all, its two main ingredients: terror and sweets! The children go from door to door in disguise and asking for sweets, so we all want to have a good load of them for when the little ones knock excitedly at our door. But, even as adults, we allow ourselves more than a whim in the form of candy or chocolate taking advantage of the celebration.

In Más que un caramelo C&CH we are experts in designing and making reality all kinds of chocolates and personalized Halloween candies. It is a very important holiday in our calendar because we love what we do and enjoy giving life to chocolates, candies and lollipops of the most terrifying. We adapt in price, number of units and delivery time for your advertising Halloween candies and chocolates. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will create it for you. Our product design and development team will help you imagine the most original idea.

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