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Flyers publicitarios

Flyers publicitarios

Ref. 1146


Advertising flyers with different formats and fillers.


You can choose between the following formats:

  • American diptych

  • A-Diptych

  • Postcard with arm

  • Cross leaflet

  • Flyer with door hanger

  • Flyer with lollipop

  • Flyer with 6 sheets

  • Advertising leaflet


  • 10/20g bag of candies

  • 2D mints dispenser

  • Sweet tongue puller

  • Round lollipop

  • Maxi 2D gummy candy

  • Standard gummy candy

  • Cloud in flowpack

  • Candy in sachet

Other fillings on request.




  • American diptych: 210x100 mm

  • A5 leaflet: 148x105 mm (closed)

  • Postcard arms: 105x72x25 mm (closed)

  • Flyer in cross: 85x75x6 mm approx.

  • Flyer advertising poming: 205x85 mm

  • Flyer with lollipop: 110x300 mm

  • Fold-out flyer 6 sheets: 80x50 mm

  • Advertising triptych: 132x133,5 mm Approx.

Ask for other sizes.


  • Flyer customizable from 1 to 4 colors on both sides.

  • Lollipops customizable from 1 to 4 colors on white or transparent paper, from 6,000 units.

  • Cloud flowpack customizable in 1 color. The standard model of the flowpack is from 5,000 pcs. onwards, possibility to customize the printing on the flowpack.

  • Bags of 10/20g of candies customizable from 1 to 4 colors on both sides.

  • Box of mints customizable from 1 to 4 colors.

  • Flyer customizable from 1 to 4 colors on both sides.


Minimum order: Consult

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