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Pills jar filled with candies

Pills jar filled with candies

Ref. 78


Pill boxes with sweet, original and personalized messages. In which you can choose the candy with your message, create your candy with the shape you want, the color, the flavor, the format and with the possibility of complementing it with box and leaflet.


Choose between: Jellys beans, mints, pearls, kiss, bone, bark, like, pineapples, van or custom made with the 3D shape you want.


  • Small: Ø45x55 mm.

  • Medium: Ø45x90 mm.

  • Big: Ø60x110 mm


  • Printed stickers and lid from 1 to 4 colours. 

  • You can present it inside a cardboard box o bag with a card from 1 to 4 colours. 

  • Transparent body and white lid. Ask for other colours.


Minimum order quantity 100 units.

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