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Premium Advent calendar with Christmas drink and sweets

Premium Advent calendar with Christmas drink and sweets

Ref. 1854


Advent calendar containing 25 cubes filled with premium artisan sweets made by hand and a bottle of La Planta wine. Consult the possibility of choosing another type of wine.


  • Premium Artisan Sweets made by hand.

  • Polvorón Carlos I: 120 g. from papelrón supreme, limited and numbered edition, handmade.

  • Almond powder: 120 g. of Polvoroncitos designed for the most sybaritic palate. Its flavor, quality and delicacy make the difference.

  • Assortment of premium Christmas sweets: Composed of almond powders, orange shortbreads, millefeuille stuffed with orange, caramelized walnut and vanilla mimes, honey and almond alfajor and Pedro Ximénez wine donuts with almonds.

  • Orange Shortbreads: 120 g. of shortbreads with a fine aroma, delicate flavor and a soft texture of candied orange that make it unique to the palate. Crowned by a light layer of powdered sugar as the culmination of a true delight.

  • Cinnamon shortbreads: 120 g. of mantecaditos, pieces as unique as they are succulent, have an attractive and intoxicating aroma. Excellence made with butter. Caramelized walnut and vanilla pampering: 138 g. of pampering with a soft and delicate texture that contrasts with the crunch of the caramelized walnut contained inside and the aroma of Bourbon vanilla.

  • Honey and almond alfajores: 168 g. of alfajores that transmit a characteristic flavor of intense almond, rosemary honey and different spices, giving them a crunchy and at the same time ductile texture typical of an exquisite bite.

  • Pedro Ximénez wine donuts with almond: 96 g. of donuts with a sweet aroma extracted from raisins from Axarquía Malaga that invites you to taste them even inside their packaging.

  • Millefeuille stuffed with raspberry: 108 g. unprecedented delicatessen. The crunchiness of the thin sheets of puff pastry come together with a creamy filling made from select candied raspberries.


Customizable calendar from 1 to 4 colors.


Minimum order consult.

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