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Filled with kraft bag

Filled with kraft bag


  • Selection of biscuits: 125g of a large selection of biscuits. Price: 2.25€

  • Assortment of Christmas chocolates: 180g of chocolate figures wrapped in metallic paper with the design of Santa Claus, snowman, bell and star. Price: 3.80€

  • Mini cookies: Chocolate chip cookie. Price: 3.35€

  • Florentines: Mixture of caramel and dried fruits with a chocolate base. Price: 5.48€

  • Portions of nougat: 6 pieces of nougat: Crunchy chocolate, imperial hard chocolate, soft granulated chocolate and almond chocolate. Price: 2.95€

  • Mini chocolates in foil: 140g of mini milk and hazelnut chocolates. Price: 3.25€

  • Marzipan: 180g of a traditional Christmas sweetness. Price: 3.75€

  • Lindt® Chocolate Figures: 10 Lindt® Chocolate Figures. Price: 4.00€

  • Chocolate truffles: 250 g. exquisite truffles made from ruby cocoa, dusted with icing sugar or pure chocolate. Price: 4.50€

  • Chocolate rock: 180g of milk chocolates with mini pieces of cornflakes, cereal biscuits and hazelnut. Price: 3.35€

  • Gummy candies in foil: 200g of gummy candies wrapped in individual flow-packs. The packaging can be personalized from 250 sachets. Price: 2.95€


Customization consult.


*Vat, transportation and customization costs NOT included.

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