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Customized, Advertising and Promotional

What other products can you customize for the promotion of your business?

We may love personalized candies and chocolates in Más que un Caramelo C&CH, we offer many more things! Our goal is that you have a wide variety of customizable products in which to include your company logo or the message you want. That´s the reason we don´t just do it in candy and chocolate. For example, you can customize different models of water bottles and advertising glasses, as well as a snack or even an energy or refreshing drink, ideal to give away at sporting events or at street level!

If your company is dedicated to the hospitality sector, having promotional sugar envelopes and individually packaged advertising cookies customized with your logo will give a higher quality and serious image and customers value very positively the companies that take care of the details, little ones. If what you want is not to serve, but to give personalized coffee or tea to your current or potential customers, we give you the option to customize these products as well. As a detail always grateful for who receives it, you can customize a variety of personalized sweet and savory snacks, even in packs. And for dessert you can give the format you want to our promotional cakes and pies, as well as our ice cream. We offer you the maximum guarantee in your design, elaboration and distribution.

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