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How can you make your events unforgettable?

There are special occasions that require some sweets and a presentation to match. In those cases where you want to include a range of candies and chocolates for larger and larger-scale events, in Más que un caramelo C&CH we offer you the possibility to customize one of our candy carts. The structure of these stands will attract the eyes of all attendees, who will not be able to resist visiting it and choose from the large assortment of candies and advertising chocolates that you can find in the cart. It is perhaps one of the advertising strategies for more fun events and enjoyed by the attendees.

All the elements of the carts are customizable, you can choose the design of the front vinyl, the awning and the cubes to adapt it to your company image and achieve a unique result. As for the products, the customization options are so many when distributing the 20 kg of assortment of sweets that include that allow to design perfect carts for shareholders meetings, product launches, company presentations, catering, sporting events or human resources, weddings, communions, political elections, musical or theater events and meeting rooms.

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