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Non-contact temperature measurement system

Non-contact temperature measurement system

Ref. 856


High precision, non-contact temperature measurement terminal system that combines thermal image sensor technology and facial recognition system making it a reliable and effective solution.


  • Facial recognition and temperature measurement, based on a German-made thermal imaging sensor. Optimal recognition distance of 0.3m-1m and height range of 1.4m-1.9m.

  • Temperature measurement precision range: +/- 0.3 ºC

  • High temperature alert, management and control platform.

  • Storage of 10,000 faces in the database and 100,000 event logs.

  • Multiple Deployment Path: Cloud Based / Local Server.

  • Multiple languages with possibility of logo customization -Unlimited access and integration to the API (device SDK, API platform, etc.)

Ways of use: 

  • Identification: This use is recommended for offices, factories, schools, etc. Access is only allowed after facial recognition and temperature measurement (normal). Outsiders (without registration) will have to measure the temperature first and then proceed to facial recognition.

  • Temperature measurement: Use aimed at spaces with a large flow of people such as shopping malls, train stations, supermarkets, etc.

  • “Smart” mode : It is not necessary to record all the faces in advance. After the first temperature measurement and facial recognition, on subsequent days the data would be recorded in the facial registration database


  • Wall mount

  • Desk

  • 60 cm

  • 110 cm

  • 138 cm


  • Minimum order: 1 unit

  • Delivery time: Consult

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