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Rolling protective screen

Rolling protective screen

Ref. 842


Transparent and flexible PVC roll-up protective screen for custom office and business protection. Protection in counters, work centers and public places.


  • Flexible PVC glass is a resistant material that is easy to clean and maintain, with high transparency that makes it the perfect option for protection against contagion in work centers or public spaces.

  • The roll-up protective screen is characterized by the possibility of adjusting its height depending on the need for customer service or the delimitation of spaces.

  • Possibility of manual or motor actuation, the latter having the possibility of being carried out with a remote control or a wireless button.

  • Motor with integrated battery that does not require electrical installation.


Height and width of the mechanism to choose.

  • 0.3 mm thick screen. Width: from 60 to 140 cms. Height: from 60 to 200 cm. (Variations of 10 cm).

  • 0.6 mm thick screen. Width: from 60 to 140 cms. Height: from 60 to 250 cm. (Variations of 10 cm).


  • Minimum order: 1 unit.

  • Delivery time: Between 7 and 10 days approx., Depending on the model and measurements.

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