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XL wedding trolley + sweets

XL wedding trolley + sweets

Ref. 1621


  • Trolley (1060x1800x490 mm) customized in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). Very resistant, durable, ideal for events and indoor storage.

  • Reusable for all your events (since it is removable and easy to assemble).

  • Possibility of fillings:
    - Assortments of premium jelly beans
    - Stuffed licorice
    - Chocolate Rocks
    - cereal ball
    - Chocolate peanut

  • 12 container cubes.

  • 50 candy trays (customized).

  • 6 containers (candy boxes) of candies.

  • Styrofoam support to pierce the skewers.

  • Laser cut custom lettering kit.

  • Including the customization of the roof and the front.

  • Candy serving tong.


  • Cubes:
    -1kg bag of large sugar bears
    -1kg bag of bright fried eggs
    -1kg bag of stars twiss mix sugar
    -1kg bag of bright strawberries
    -1kg bag of peach rings
    -1kg bag of chopped watermelon
    -1kg bag of stars twiss mix sugar
    -1kg bag of pica cherries
    -1kg bag of heart strawberry cream glitter
    -1kg bag of sugar bananas
    -1kg bag of sugar cola bottle
    -1kg bag of cherry cola pica bottle

  • Candy boxes:
    -1kg bag of cereal balls
    -1kg bag of chocolate rocks
    -1kg bag of chocolate peanuts

  • Circular pots:
    -Case 200 units. Plump energy itch
    -Case 200 units. plump watermelon bites
    -Case 200 units. plump red licorice

  • Plastic candy jars:
    -1kg bag of Peach Heart
    -1kg bag of sugar kisses
    -1kg bag of Peach Heart

  • Skewers:
    -Marshmallow skewers personalized with your brand (from 1 to 5 letters/numbers), in pastel colors. Being able to add up to a maximum of 15 letters. Consult the price.


1060x1800x490 mm


  • Personalized letters with the name of your company, slogan, anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc.

  • Custom vinyl roof in full color with the design of your choice.

  • 50 personalized candy trays from 1 to 4 colors.

  • 12 container cubes personalized with the colors of your company.

  • Lids of the 3 personalized candy boxes from 1 to 4 colors with your brand.

  • Full color custom vinyl front.


Minimum order: 1 unit.

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